Sales and marketing

Net Sales Record system for Coca-cola: Scalable, fault tolerant, real time streaming  micro-services system is hosted in hybrid cloud environment. The system ingests real time streaming sales data published on a message bus from several hundreds of thousands of bottler companies, beverage vendors, coca-cola vending machines across fifteen geographies around the world. It computes total unit case sales of every coca-cola branded beverage every day, week and month throughout the year. This system generated savings of 38 million dollars as optimized marketing spend for Coca-cola in first year alone. 

Telecom network management

The system helps Nokia with network operations management and fault detection , root cause analysis , bandwidth consumption prediction and improve quality of service for Nokia customers. Scalable, fault tolerant, real time streaming cloud hosted data application of micro-services system.  It correlates and groups thousands of network alarms in real time based on network device hierarchy and time of alarm creation in a small time window. This helps in quick root cause failure analysis and reduces mean time for network repair by 90%. Bandwidth prediction helps in intelligent distribution of bandwidth across geographies and maintain quality of service ( QoS)

online fraud detection

Macy’s metric collection and prediction system uses our micro-services to predict online retail storefront and back end applications performance , detects anomalies to catch fraudulent transactions and helps scale and contract the compute and storage resources to follow elasticity of demand. It helped improve the online store front uptime to 99% during Black Friday sales.