Why Topmist

Great experience. Adaptive flexibility.

Exceptional track record of success

  • 3,000+ Applications moved to the Cloud
  • 140+ Datacenters moved to the Cloud
  • $10+ Million saved year-over-year, for ten straight years
  • 7 Petabytes of transactional data stored
  • 1 Million concurrent transactional users handled
  • 4,000+ Servers virtualized and Cloudified
  • 700+ Audits of the largest financial companies passed. Annually.

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Email : info@topmist.com

Unparalleled flexibility

Topmist ™ is agile. It is our culture. Talk to us about what agility means when it comes to a Financial Framework for getting your ideas implemented now.

  • Gain Share – Is it right for you? Pay nothing upfront. Ask us how.
  • From One App to One Datacenter – We handle projects of all sizes. From moving a single application to the Cloud, to moving an entire datacenter to the Cloud.
  • One Size Does Not Fit All – Don’t let someone else shoehorn your project into the only technology they happen to know. We pick the best technology for your project, not the easiest technology for our company.
  • Investor-Backed Projects – Do you have a good idea, a proven track record, and the infrastructure to back it up, but no funds to execute it right now? Are cutbacks preventing you from standing up new products that would be a new source of revenue? We can solve this. Ask us how.

Proven Approach

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once – We not only preach the value of Financial Modeling, we live it. Start every project knowing how to measure value. End every project knowing how to track fiscal performance throughout the lifecycle.
  • Vendor Negotiation Expertise – We have real world experience striking win-win bargains with vendors that have saved companies millions of dollars.
  • ITIL – Our key technologists are ITIL certified.


  • Security included in the Architecture and Design from the outset, rather than stapled on after
  • SSAE 16 Certified Security and Audit capabilities


  • Bring the back office via mobile to the users, so they can be productive 24 hours a day

Web and E-commerce Savvy

  • Stood up e-commerce for a Fortune 300 company in less than six months
  • Managed a 4,700 site SharePoint implementation
  • Handled over 3,000 domains
  • Established Brand and Development Standards

Financially Impactful

  • Cost of IT forever shifted through virtualization and Cloudification
  • Time to market for products shortened from months to days, sometimes hours
  • Changed approach to handling Peak Load so it no longer meant millions of dollars in assets sitting on the data center floor unused for most of its life
  • Used private, public, and hybrid Clouds wheverer the value best fit